Thursday, May 10, 2018

Nora Kathleen Arrives !

      We've been in Santee since April 8th after rushing across the country from Florida to California in anticipation of the arrival of Liam's sister.  A little bit of weather slowed us down out in the desert, but most importantly, we made it on time.  We've been very fortunate being able to Skype with everyone out here in CA, and Liam seemed pretty excited seeing Buzzy and Papa coming through the door.
He seemed to be getting pretty comfortable hanging around camp with Buzzy, as we desperately attempted to learn the names of his favorite shows.   We had gotten "cars" down, but suddenly there was Cars 2 and Cars 3 to figure out.  I think Sesame Street is "Emo" and then there's "waygo" for Frozen. (Let it Go)  The latest is "Mimi's 24" which is actually Despicable Me 3??  Figure that out??  I probably don't have any of this right, but we're trying!
     So baby watch was on, and we all closely watched Joanne for any signs of the pending arrival.  Been would go to work each night comfortable that Mom and Dad were just a short distance away at Santee Lakes.  Problem was, there was minimal phone service over in the park, and each night we cautiously positioned each of our phones in an area of Big Red where we thought a phone call might get through.
     And then suddenly about 5 AM, the morning of April 13th,  we were awakened from a lovely sleep by a phone call from Joanne saying it was time.  I don't think I've ever seen Buzzy move quite so fast except when Ben and MaryAnne made their arrivals.  Debbie had been checking on all preparations this week,  making sure everything was set, and as I slowly rolled over and asked where the father was, Debbie's response encouraged me to get moving.
It was a quick trip over to the house, and I sat down like a good grandfather should, and patiently waited for Ben to drive up from San Ysidro.  Shortly after his arrival, Liam came out to see what all the commotion was, and I knew my chances of getting back to sleep had just flown out the window. 
Soon, Ben and Joanne were out the door heading for Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns, the same hospital that welcomed Liam on September 28, 2015.  And just about 4 hours later, Nora Kathleen Doody was welcomed into the world.  I think that is cutting it just a little close!
     Later on that afternoon, we packed up Liam and headed for San Diego so he could meet his new sister.  Looks like Ben and Joanne had prepared him well, cause he seemed to take an instant shine to her, and after checking with Mom to make sure she was ok, he wanted to hold her.
                                           Then pretty soon everyone wanted to hold her!!

                                                    Not sure Liam like Nora crying!

     She seemed to be another perfect child!  Ten fingers and ten toes, and not a peep out of her.  Well maybe just a little peep.  She liked to be wrapped up tight in her blanket and kept warm, and she was quite content.  Mom and Dad seemed to be doing well, and Joanne had lots of color in her face. It's not everyday that a granddaughter is born on Friday the 13th, so it seemed only natural to stop off and purchase a Powerball Lottery ticket for her.
The drawing was help the next evening, and not a single number came up.  I guess that means her luck can only get better.
      We got Liam home and Debbie stayed over with him and Jamo, and I went back to the "trailer park" for some well deserved shut eye.  The next day it was back to Sharps for a little more visiting, and the afternoon of the 15th, everyone was released to come home and start their magical journey through life.

     Sorry for all the baby pictures, but each time I tried to quit, another cute one would come along.  Just be thankful you're not here, and I set you down and show you ALL the pictures!!  
     So now that we have Nora Kathleen all settled in, the next step is to get Ben's house on the market and get it sold.  Since I'm a month behind, I'll tell you upfront that it was unbelievable, but you'll have to wait for all the details.  Travel safe everyone!

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  1. Come on Papa, you don't even know your grandson's birthday!!?? September 28, 2015